Your E-mail ID has won, £480, 000.00 pls view your attachment

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  1. patrick says:

    I`ve received such emails that I won 480.000GBP and they gave a UK agent details and a lawyers contact details and a agent in South -Africa to deposit R3110.00 but lucky for me I spend some time with a friend of the morning I was on my way to deposit the money, Lucky for me. I was 1of 3 people in a gmail lucky draw and they provide me with pin nr and reference numbers,the names they used is Dr ken/D.Anderson/Maria Evarsia. please let me know if this are for real????????????????????? Thanks

  2. Andri says:

    Definitely so transparent to make people to believe them.. Where did you see your e-mail address won an outstanding sum of money without entering into a competition or lottery without playing the lottery and then you’re not even staying in the mentioned country.

  3. John Jas says:

    i also revived a mail regarding like you have won a prize of GBP£480,000.00 and iam the 5 lucky winners in the BOL-GMAIL Lottery Promotions…. wish i could claim it but i am little bit afraid of it as i heard from people saying about this fake messages. so whoever it is please don’t try to play with people who have heard like yours.

  4. david says:

    i have received the notification of my winnings from the mentioned lottery, i wish it could be true but who ever sent it should know that he/she has been cursed for life.

  5. pipi says:

    Actually what the heal this guys doing?Are the play with innocent people.who are the persons got this much of money?If you are true challenge it.

  6. Martyna says:

    It’s a scam, stay away guys. These people are looking for idiots to fall for this ….

  7. Clifford Moorcroft says:

    I received the E-mail of winnings of £480 000 and kept on mailing them untill they stareted asking for money. I realised its fake after the so called lawyer answer the phone himself and this is suposed to be a huge international company, luckely up to now it only costs me a international telephone call.

  8. bajoshua says:

    Why should fake lotteries be allowed on the web. How porous are those hat we entrust with our emails to allow bad influence to have access to our addresses. Can the Government prosecute the cheaters?

  9. Karin says:

    I Also received the same e-mail on November 9 but the e-mail to which I had to reply was different and the person’s name at the bottom was Katherine Rothmans. Luckily I though something did not seem right, so have not done anything about it yet. One should be so careful these days, shame on them!

  10. moazzam says:

    i’ve got such email…but now seeing these emails,i.m sure that i’m cheated…how do they do it? Why do they make us fool? Why don’t Uk govt take necessary step against them? I’m sure, they are not human beings,they are beasts….

  11. Natacha says:

    Please stop with this “WINNING MONEY” Thing. They are taking people for fools.
    I have better things to do at work and dont have time for thieves

  12. usman says:

    if it fake how they nows obiy email idz…gmail is also including in thuns scam…

  13. usman says:

    hi i also email from google promotion network 2012 i won 2 million usa dollers hahahhaha….i cnt beleive it because they mentioned that there was 2 winner and i was one of them but now saw that ther lot of people which got it…so is it scam ?

  14. Rach says:

    They are obviously fake (for one if you try and google something like this and multiple people have claimed to received said lottery email it should auto raise a red flag. There is NO company out there that’d be giving away 1mil USD that bluntly or often, plus you could just google google’s sub companies, sense google is gmail, and there exists no BOL-GMAIL).
    Although I will say to those who don’t know anything about scams they could be fooled by this, these guys did a fair job of making themselves look legit to those who only know the “basics” of scams, so so many people being fooled isn’t that surprising.
    But while these scammers do need to be taken care of, remember that it is as much the victims fault as it is the scammer’s people need to educate themselves so they can pick up scams, or need to learn that you aren’t supposed to just click everything all willynilly just cause it says you’re a winner, 99.999999999999999999% of those are scams. Always check before you click something, ask someone, then check online, ANYONE can get your email these days so they are bound to be attacked day in and day out.

  15. bulie.p says:

    i hv also recieved the same email today, i dnt know if its true. they realy should stop coz when we recieve these mails we get so excited for nothing

  16. atique says:

    pls send full detail how i recived this money

  17. ali says:

    Your E-mail ID has won, £480, 000.00 pls view your attachment
    I received this email but is not true

  18. nonhlanhla khumalo says:

    I got an email that i should claim my winnings on this not sure what’s the next step to claim.

  19. Joan says:

    I have also received a msg , i dont no about it that its true or not.
    I’ve already sent it Claim verification Form to Dr. John Abbot and My Full Address…i cant Believe it… this is real, how come many ppl won ….who’s can tell me that this true or not…

  20. Elethu says:

    I just received the same e-mail. These people think we stupid, you can’t just win something without entering for it. Last year I supposedly won some lottery I never bought a ticket for. I think I’m actually going to have fun with them, play with them a little. creeps

  21. Shohel says:

    How to possible i want to receive money

  22. Jehanzeb says:

    I received a mail on february 18 2012 as under.
    Your E-mail ID has winner pounds 480,000.00 GBP in the “BOL-GMAIL Network Lottrty Promotions” held in Canada to promote 2012 Olympics Game.Sponsored by BOL-GMAIL Network and Powrball Lotto Service,s London.With Your Reference : BOL-G84UK/02/24.Organied by International PowerBall Inc.
    Three(3) Email Addresses Was Finally Picked Out From Among The Total 1000,000 Email Addresses Your Email address among the winning Email ID On the Winning pot, Which Was attached to PIN No:*282# and winning amount is pounds 480,000.oo Four Handred And Eighty Thousand Pounds.(I know and thing this is the frouad and have no realabilty don,t think to get money and don,t be fool from the same masseges thees all frouad…

  23. Ayoma says:

    I have also receive the same mail.but i’m not clear about it is true.please inform me about it .

  24. Mubashir Rashid says:

    It’s Fake, no doubt……….. As mentioned in the mail that only 5 lucky winners had been selected by draw & I have seen more than 10 claimers…….

  25. HANS says:

    i also received the same message today on the 24 April 2012 but i was not happy because i felt that it might be a scam,I DID NOT PLAY so HOW DID I please people watch out

  26. zahir Raihan says:

    I have already received an email from Bol-gmail 2011 network promotion. From this email i known that i won 480000 pound lottery. please anyone help me, is it true or not. And reason will be mentioned that why they send this email.

  27. Myra says:

    My elder brother received the same email on april 4, 2012, he was so excited and was calling and texting me again and again to check it out. i was sure that its a scam and this has been proved by searching more about it.
    Fie on such people who make others fool for their own interests!!!

  28. jahangir khan says:

    i have also recieved a msg i dont no about it that its true or no some one helps me and reply that its true or not true reply on address

  29. tawhid says:

    i receiv same email from mrs. katherina rothmans. i am confused its orginal or dupplicate

  30. A.E. says:

    Hallo, ich bin in Deutschland un Bol- Gmail networks lud mich nach London ein um 480.000 Pfund Gewinn zu erhalten. Wer kann sich einen Flug leisten, um dann feststellen zu müssen, das man evtl. betrogen wurde. Die schreiben einem bewußt nicht in der Landessprache an, weil damit gerechnet wird, das man sich nicht die Mühe macht, dies zu übersetzen. Leute, gerade jetzt wo ich diese Zeilen poste, wird mir schon wieder angezeigt, das ich 500,000,00 Pfund gewonnen hätte von Social Tagging ID London. Haben die Briten so viel zu verschenken? Ich denke nicht, hier ist eine oberfaule Masche versteckt. AM besten Anzeige erstatten und Finger weg!
    Auch ich habe bereits meine Anschrift angegeben und eine Eidesstattliche Erklärung, das ich noch nie etwas gewonnen habe. Was solls, solang keiner meine Kontodaten hat, kann ich ruhig schlafen. Niemals eure reelle Telefonnr. angeben, sonst habt ihr nie wieder Ruhe!!!!

  31. shadequr rahman says:

    i have also receive the same mail but i am not sure abt it wether it is true or not….kindly informe me abt it in detail…

  32. j’ai reçu le 18/12/2011
    your E-mail ID has winner £480000.00 GBP in the ‘BOL-gamail.Notework promotion’ held in Canada to promote 2012 Olympics Game,Sponsored by BOL-GMAIL Notwork with Your Reference N°: BOL-C95 UK/16/11

  33. henk says:

    heb dit ook gekregen er staat dat ik 480.000,00 win
    ze blijven maar sturen elke maand super klote

  34. Tapan Barai says:

    The Director

    Dear Sir,

    I have received an email from bol-gmail2011networklottey promotional of winning money 480,000.00 GBP.

    My ref No:bol-g84UK/10/11
    Winning No:12325334445
    Bonus Number:24

    I have received above email from Mrs.Vara Davision (Bol-Gmail.com2011.Network Canada

    I want to know this information from the authority of Bol-Gmail2011 Lottery Promotional.

    Please Inform us about this news as early as possible.

    Thanking You

    Your Sincerely
    Tapan Barai

  35. Mark says:

    Hey all, just been informed I am a millionaire, e-mail received:-
    Congratulations!!! your e-mail ID has won USD$2,000,000,00 (Two million united state dollars only) in the GMAIL lOTTERY PROMOTIONS HELD IN CANADA TO PROMOTE 2012 OLYMPICS GAME. Sponsored by Gmail-Network office, Powerball Lotto Service South Africa……..blah blah blah

    processing director Mr. Ahmed Musa, got phone number, fax number, email address, all from Mrs. Elizabeth Stihol who is mine in service, what ever that is supposed to mean. I tell you all this so hopefully if anyone does get something similar sent to them by any of the same names it may give a good indication of what is happening. Come on G-Mail sort this sort of thing out, you are providing them with the necessary tools do carry this sort of thing out. Good luck to all. p.s. my Ferrari is on order!

  36. mr Bruno Ferreira,,if this is not fake lotorry.I wish you to commnicate with me how to obtain the winning prize.

  37. Sjoerd says:

    i’ve also received this, but what do i do with GPB in the Netherlands, nothing its useless here.. Weve got the fantastic euro though. money is shit, beleive in people instead.

  38. SPBooysen says:

    I think really this a scam and all of us wfo receive this must not reply to it, because these people try to get all your personal particulars so that they can rob you from your monies. Please dont response to it. I also have received this scam email.

  39. noe says:

    l also won 480,000.00 from nowhere they think we are stupid

  40. Bizuneh says:

    i recieved the lotto wone message in my email. is that fake.responde me pls

  41. Kabelo says:

    Please inform me weather this is a scam

  42. sharon says:

    recieved this also , glad i looked it up before responding. how do theses people sleep at night? :(

  43. SANDRA says:

    I also received the very same notice in my email. Sucks to think you won something only to find out you were scammed. If this was indeed an olympic fund raising event there would be no cost to anyone to get the prize promised to them.

  44. i’ve also received the email that i’ve won pounds 480000. but when i asked them to release my fund they ‘ve asked me to provide some amount of money for the document prepration. so i think this programme is a cheater.

  45. Naini says:

    i have also receive the same mail but i am not sure abt it wether it is true or not….kindly informe me abt it in detail….

  46. Kimberli Barrett says:

    I received this email. They may have upgraded thier deception because they had a separate website link they wanted me to go to verify my “winning” lotto numbers. I went, I put in the dates as instructed. So they are trying harder to seem legit. I pray no one responds to them without doing a back ground check. Times are so hard and people really want to believe they have a break though but this is not it.

  47. MAC Perera says:

    Mrs.Maria Ramos,if this is not fake lotorry.I wish you to commnicate with me how to obtain the winning prize.


    i already recived same this email that i won the 4,80,ooo,00 gbp,the fake lottory cheating to everywhere,the concern website must take action against thase cheaters,who looting the innocent peoples.

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